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Japanese Agriculture

In this day and age, when the people of the world are beginning to rethink the importance of health, they are becoming more conscious about the food they eat, and healthy Japanese cuisine is gaining the popularity. Not just Japanese dishes, but the ingredients that go into their preparation are also increasingly appreciated for their quality and safety by consumers from many countries around the world. The pure natural environment characteristic of Japan, the steady and consistent long-term efforts on the production front to develop the best hybrid varieties, and the seriousness and enthusiasm for improving quality on the part of growers, all come together to produce what can only be called âNature's Works Of Artâ. Fresh from our farms, we bring to your table a healthy food culture.

A wealth of produce can be harvested by making the best of climactic conditions.
One of the unique aspects of Japanese climate is it's annual cycle of four seasons â spring, summer, autumn, and winter. This cycle of four seasons means that a diverse variety of fruits and vegetables can be harvested during the span of a year. Not just that, Japan is a country with a large north-south span, it is surrounded and influenced by a large number of oceanic current, and has a dramatic terrain of alternating highlands and lowlands. This contributes to a great diversity in the natural environment of the various regions, leading to a similar diversity in the local produce. In addition, as a result of long years of research and development into developing technologies and plant breeds specifically suited to the local conditions, we are now able to successfully bring to customers a huge variety of produce all through the year.

The cuisine that nurtures Japan, the land of longevity.
Amide the global rise in health-consciousness, people from countries all over the world are becoming interested in Japanese cuisine. Japanese Cuisine is popular because, not just is it low fat and low calorie, it has an ecvellent balance of the elements of a good diet, including proteins, and various types of vitamins and minerals, in proportions that are best absorbed by the body. And the supporting pillar of fine Japanese cuisine, needless to mention, is the diverse range of fruit and vegetables available in this country. There is enough variety that one would not tire of eating Japanese cuisine even every day.

Ingenuous Schemes and careful manual handling ensures the finest quality.
Increasing production is not the only goal for growers of Japanese fruits and vegetables. In fact, they consider the quality of their produce to be as important as the quantity. For instance, in the case of fruits, all except the best fruits are plucked out and thrown away, so that the remaining good fruits may be tended to with extra care. This loving care on the part of growers, who price quality above everything else, is what ensures the high quality of Japanese fruits and vegetables. We pride ourselves on the all â round excellent quality of our produce.

The freshness of the farm is preserved in tact all the way to the store and on to your home.
One may harvest the finest fruits and vegetables, but it would be worth nothing if the freshness is not preserved. The mouth watering juiciness is fruits and the crisp texture of vegetables can only be preserved with the right logistical infrastructure including state of the art pre-cooling technology, cold storage facilities, and refrigerated trucks. Japanese fruits and vegetables retain their high quality intact because they are perfectly preserved at controlled temperatures all the way from the production centers to the stores, where they are delivered to you, in what is called the cold chain.

Japanese Agriculture

Japanese Agriculture